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Holidaying with Mr Sarkozy in Egypt recently, Carla shows off his gift of a pink tourmaline and diamond ring
Photo: Rex
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The exquisite piece is remarkably similar to one owned by the French president's ex-wife Cecilia
Photo: Rex

French president gives Carla a ring strikingly similar to ex-wife's

10 JANUARY 2008
Nicolas Sarkozy's whirlwind courtship of Carla Bruni is further proof Frenchmen know a thing or two when it comes to wooing the fairer sex. And the gallic charmer apparently employs tried and tested tactics when caught up in a romance.

After love sparked over dinner with the former model on November 23 the politician wooed the Italian beauty with daily phone calls and bouquets of roses. He also presented her with a pair of exquisite, rose-hued sparklers from Dior.

Mr Sarkozy's romantic gesture has raised eyebrows in France, as his ex-wife Cecilia wears a heart-shaped ring strikingly similar to one of the love tokens the president gave Carla.

France's former first lady also has one of the fashion house's white gold and pink tourmaline creations the French premier gave to his new girlfriend, along with a 'Coeur Romantique' design from the same Dior collection.