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Dressed in a traditional graduation gown and cap the 72-year-old bestowed a kiss upon the degree certificate as it was presented to him
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After the ceremony the Dalai Lama attended a private reception were he met Tibetans studying at the London university
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Dalai Lama receives honorary doctorate of philosophy in London

21 MAY 2008
Reverentially kissing his degree certificate, the Dalai Lama was clearly delighted to receive an honorary doctorate from London's Metropolitan University on Tuesday.

Dressed in a purple and silver graduation cap and gown the spiritual leader was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy for his work promoting peace on a global level.

Apologising for his "broken English", the 72-year-old recounted tales of his own early education, before particularly praising the achievements of the Tibetan students gathered in the room for the special ceremony.

The event was held on the first of a ten-day visit to the UK by the Dalai Lama, which will include a meeting with Prince Charles on Thursday and with Prime Minister Gordon Brown the following day.