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Earl Spencer will be helping to teenagers aged 14 to 18 hone their public speaking skills on the new programme
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Princess Diana's brother is set to appear in a reality TV show

In the same week he was spotted stepping out with former model Lady Bianca Eliot, it has been confirmed Earl Spencer is to appear in BBC reality programme The Speaker.

In the public speaking-based show the Eton-educated father of six will use his oratorical skills to mentor teenage contestants as they compete to become Britain's best young speaker.

Challenges the 14- to 18-year-old hopefuls will face in the series - which follows a similar format to The Apprentice - include giving a one-minute speech at Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner in London and trying to sell 'jars of happiness' in Covent Garden.

"I can confirm that Earl Spencer is one of a number of well-known and successful public speakers in the programme who will be setting the young people challenges to test and develop their public speaking abilities," confirms a BBC spokesman.

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