Leona gets the star treatment for Mandela concert

But the 'X-Factor' star likes to keep it natural


You know you've made it when, within a year of releasing your debut album, you're asked to sing for Nelson Mandela. So Leona Lewis must be officially a superstar now she's appeared at the South African hero's 90th birthday celebrations.

As usual, it will be super stylist Ben Cooke who'll be ensuring she looks the part. Ben, former stylist to Victoria Beckham - he created her world-famous bob - told us that despite Leona's now international fame, she still likes to keep her look natural.

He tongs her hair to make sure the curls are defined, but Ben says the key to achieving a natural look, rather than an over-worked effect, is to work randomly. So he leaves some curls untouched and on others, tongs only at the roots or the ends. Then he runs through a tiny amount of serum to break up some of the curls, with others remaining defined. The result is irregular and because it doesn't look perfect, is also beautifully natural - just like Ms Lewis herself.

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