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A tanned Penny belies her age whatever it is! in a one-shoulder dress by Betsey Johnson.If I had to describe myself I'd say I look slightly overweight, have nice thick hair and I like my feet," she says. "But hopefully I'm good fun"

Penny, who admits to being a "born-again yoga person", practises her stretches in a T-shirt and leggings by Sweaty Betty


GMTV newsgirl Penny Smith is disarmingly honest about lying about her age. Its an issue, which is why I lie about it. Im 37 and Im sticking to that. Ill be 37 for some years to come because it s how I feel, she says, ensconced in her toasty but minuscule dressing room at 8.15am just minutes after coming off air from her morning stint.

Her conversation is peppered with self-deprecating references to her advancing years, but she seems to have the energy and attitude of a girl in her twenties. She looks pretty good too: trim and tanned, just back from a trip to the West Indies where she was checking out holiday destinations for GMTV s Great Escapes. And she spent Christmas in Barbados.

I dont think theres ever a time that you dont worry about being replaced by a 12 year-old. It goes with the job, she says. Ive spent all my life expecting to be sacked tomorrow. I dont know why. Ive just heard the director wants to speak to me and I always think the worst. Youd think by the age of 143 youd be over that.

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