The music legend has revealed that he's being followed - by someone dressed in a rabbit costume
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27 APRIL 2004                Click here to send this news item to a friend

Rock legend David Bowie apparently has an unusual fan following him on his latest tour an enormous pink rabbit.

The singer explained that he'd spotted the giant bunny at a series of his live shows during his latest tour. He apparently was so taken with the mystery follower, a person dressed head-to-toe in the outfit, that he even dedicated a tune to him during a concert.

Things got a little strange, however, when David was taking off from the Big Apple one day. "I thought, 'Hey, it's rock 'n' roll. It's just a 5ft 3in bunny'," says David. "Then we got on the plane out of New York and the bunny was on board. The guy was still in the costume."

Meanwhile, the creative musician has encouraged fans to bootleg his music, sponsoring a remix competition on his website. David has asked would-be DJs to create a new song mixing any classic Bowie track with material from his latest album, Reality. On May 17, he'll select the winning song, which will then be released as an official MP3 single.