Alingsas becomes a city of light

Each evening during the month of October, the charming Swedish town of Alingsas dons a gown of light and colour to dazzle and impress visitors from around the world.

Since the year 2000, the most important designers and lighting professionals from around the world have converged on Alingsas each autumn to set up their most impressive and ingenious illumination displays in the streets and squares of this small city located about 40 kilometres north of Gothenburg. A small army of architecture students cooperates, helping them in their endeavours to stage the most spectacular lighting effects, each trying their best to outshine the others.

The event is full of creative challenges which have been brilliantly met and exceeded year after year. Lights in Alingsas is a top level international meeting point for dealers and for lighting designers and students, and the best part is that residents and visitors alike get to share in the dazzling results, which are on display around the city until the end of October.

With concerts, guided tours, theatrical performances and courses open to the public on different aspects of lighting, every year around this time, the spotlight is on Alingsas, which becomes one of the most attractive places in the country, and certainly the best illuminated. Tens of thousands of visitors, from Sweden and abroad, come to enjoy the different lighting installations that transform the cold dark evenings and unremarked city architecture into an exciting, vibrant experience of beauty and colour.

This year the Lights in Alingsas were switched on on September 25th and continue through until the very end of October, which leaves time enough to brighten your autumn with a weekend getaway. The discreet charm of the small city with its numerous cafes where you can ward off  the first chills of the Scandinavian winter, and the unexpected effects of cutting edge illumination of urban architecture, are a perfect fore-taste of the Christmas lights that will soon be brightening our own city streets.

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