Top tips for the perfect summer look

Ah, summer. Time to shed the layers and get out there! For a season that guarantees major festivals, beach getaways and some of the year's biggest sporting events, looking great means being prepared with the summer's skincare and haircare must haves. It's all about taking the "effort" out of "effortlessly beautiful".

The freshest faces on the fashion scene such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid always have bronzed, 'California girl' skin but how do they do it? If you want to achieve a golden glow that lasts this summer and, let's face it most of us do, then help is at hand. Whether your tan is real or fake, hydration is the key to keeping that sunkissed look for longer, say experts at Boots UK.


“The sun dries the top layer of your skin but think of it as a sponge that needs ‘topping up’ to keep it fully functional and glowing," explains Suncare Expert Clare O’Connor. "To optimise your tan – whether real or not – look for a PH neutral moisturiser as this is the ideal base for a tan. Often the best products are after-suns as they are the ideal PH, water-based and non-oily. Also look out for tan extender products which are also formulated to be super-hydrating."

Why not try Boots Soltan Aftersun Lotion with Tan Prolonger 200ml, £4.00. Maintain a long-lasting beautiful tan with this rich moisturising lotion. Containing Cocoa Butter it soothes, reduces dryness and helps to prevent peeling.

No7 Advisor Samantha Greaves gives her top tips for locking in moisture so you can keep your summer goddess glow for longer

1. Take a cool shower. “Hot baths can dehydrate your skin, leading to faster peeling. Stick to cool showers and use a moisturising body wash to really lock-in your colour. Try No7 Blissful Body Wash, £9.50 which has a luscious feel”.

2. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. “It can feel like the last thing on your mind but it's important to give your body a weekly exfoliation to help remove dull, parched surface cells and prepare the skin for the self-tanning to come. Try Boots Botanics Loofah Bath Brush, £9.00 it’s made with 100% natural loofah and is a favourite of mine”.

3. Try Aloe Vera. “Yes, if you want to keep your summer glow your regular moisturiser needs additional support. Fake tan will stick to oil based products which causes it to appear streaky, so try a moisturiser with added Aloe Vera to achieve a natural glow. Boots Essentials Body Lotion with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, £1.45 is a good one to try!”


From mousses to lotions and spray tans, it can be tricky to find the type of tan that works best for you. So Jules Heptonstall, Tanning Expert for St.Tropez gives his top tips for applying and mastering the perfect tan for any skin tone.

1. Choose the right shade. “With self tan you really get what you pay for so opt for a brand like St.Tropez that has technology built in to match your individual skin tone and offers a range of products and shade options, from Gradual tans to Dark tans.”

2. Spring vs. Summer. “Ease yourself into spring tanning by using a gradual tan three or four days a week to take the edge off winter skin – during spring less is more with tanning so keep it looking natural. Once we’re in the full swing of summer and you’ve built up tanning confidence switch to a self tan to give a deeper hint of colour and the more into summer we go, the darker you can go.”

3. Contour like a pro! “Use self tan to contour and define certain areas of your body.Apply one coat of self tan to the entire body and then apply a second coat to inner thighs, under your calves, under your jawline and your outer torso to give the illusion of a more contoured and shaded body.”

The No7 Perfectly Bronzed Quick Dry Tinted Mousse, £14.50 glides on effortlessly providing optimum moisturisation. Its lightweight formula is quick-drying with a slight tint, giving you an instant glow of colour within ten minutes. With no fake tan smell, it develops into a natural self tan within 3-5 hours, and being easy to remove you will want to use it over and over again!

Or for the most convenient way to tan, try NEW St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion £14.50 (available exclusively at Boots), Kate Moss’ summer beauty must-have.

Simply glide onto wet skin in the shower, rinse off after three minutes and your golden glow will develop within eight hours. Plus, as the lotion contains Sweet Almond Oil your skin will be soft and nourished, so there’s no need to moisturise afterwards.

With your skin bright and healthy, a casual up-do will finish off your summer look. For all your essentials, Boots has got you covered with the products that will make you feel gorgeous all season long.