• Madonna and Guy Ritchie
  • Susan Sarandon and Tim  Robbins
  • Chris Evans and Billie Piper
  • Francesca Annis and Ralph Fiennes
  • Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart
  • Michael Douglas and   Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Rene Angelil and Celine Dion
  • Vivienne Westwood and  Andreas Kronthaler
  • Barbara Windsor and Scott Mitchell
  • Joan Collins and Percy Gibson
  • Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz
  • Vivienne Westwood and  Andreas Kronthaler
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    Age difference: 25 years

    The doyenne of British street style has been married to her former assistant, Andreas Kronthaler, since a the 52-year-old bride wed her 27-year-old groom in secret in 1992. He had been a fashion student when they met five years before, and she was reportedly so impressed by his design skills that she hired him on the spot. The quirky couple have been inseparable ever since, and the rest is fashion history. But does the 25 year difference in their ages make the designer insecure? Not according to Vivienne. "I've never been more sure of anybody in my life than Andreas," she says.