Blushing beauties

It's time to turn the clock back to a youthful, natural look. Strip off the layers of makeup that don't let the real beauty of your skin shine through and just add a touch of pink to highlight your facial features.

Bear in mind, though, that 'natural' doesn't mean you can be lazy. Your skin deserves some TLC, and when opting for a fresher look, you'll need to pay particular attention to imperfections such as blackheads, pimples and dry patches if you're to get the results you want.

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No doubt there's been a time or two – back at school after PE class, or more recently when you've run to catch the bus, perhaps – when you've caught sight of your bright rosy cheeks in the mirror and just wanted to disappear.

This spring, though, that fresh country look is one of the season's hot trends, so don't blush with embarrassment, do it for fashion!

• Highlight a specific part of your face, like the lips or cheekbones, by applying the tone that best suits your complexion. There's a whole palette of pinks from garish bubble-gum to soft apricot. For lips, you can choose between gloss or matte finish. On the cheekbones, apply and shade up to the temples. And don't be stingy with the blusher: you're in the pink, so let everyone know it.

• It's a healthy looking style, so get hold of a good makeup kit (preferably one with different colours that can be combined) and apply the powder with a broad brush over your entire face, focusing on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

• Try applying a little blusher in the crease of the eyelid, or maybe use a pink-toned shadow. This should bring your eye area more in keeping with the rest of your look.

There's another great thing about this trend, though. It suits everyone from blondes to brunettes, fair complexions to tanned skins. Rosier pink shades work well for blondes and pale skins, while brunettes do better with corals.

So don't wait for someone to give you the eye and make you blush, follow these tips and you'll be right on track.

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