Royalty and statesmen

Collie Ziggy bounds along at their feet, as the couple and their son Christian take a stroll along the shore in Skagen, northern Denmark
Photo: Rex
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The family often spend part of their summer break in the picturesque coastal town
Photo: Rex

Summer fun on the beach for Danish royals Frederik and Mary

17 JULY 2008
While Denmark's Prince Joachim and his new wife Princess Marie headed off to France for part of their summer break, Joachim's elder brother Prince Frederik and Princess Mary have been unwinding a little closer to home.

The couple were enjoying the tranquil beaches of Skagen - a picturesque harbour town at the northernmost point of mainland Denmark - with their two young children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella.

Accompanied by the family collie Ziggy, the family made the most of a beautiful sunny day to explore the sand dunes. Christian, two, was determined to descend one particularly steep slope on his own two feet, holding on tightly to the hand of his mum and dad. For her part Isabella - who Mary has admitted tends to be "much more temperamental than Christian" - was content in the arms of an assistant.