Holy moly! Prince William helps Batman and Robin broker £14bn deal


In his sharp suit and tie, Prince William looked every inch the city slicker.

But standing next to the likes of Batman and Robin, the Joker and Wolverine, he didn't exactly fit in.

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The second-in-line and his father Prince Charles were at international brokerage firm ICAP to help out at the company's annual charity fancy dress day.

And William impressed the movers and shakers when he managed to secure a £14 billion deal between two major banks as he manned the phones.

The commission he gained will go to a number of charities including Skill Force - which provides training for underprivileged children. The newly-engaged Prince is their patron.

Afterwards, broker Nigel Burwash – who was dressed as Robin – said: "It was the biggest foreign exchange deal in the world ever, probably - that we know of. With a bit of work he could make a broker."

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William's father was admittedly a little less comfortable in the international trading sphere.

"Sorry about this I've no idea what I'm doing," said the 62-year-old, as he tried to help his son complete a deal between oil company Shell and a Finnish tanker firm. 

"My son seems to be involved in an endless conversation," he added, before asking William: "Is he offering you a wedding present?"

The 28-year-old Prince replied: "He's asked me if I will marry his daughter."

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