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Holly Willoughby and Dermot O'Leary have a giggle with some pool pals


The popular TV host is all smiles as she gets a peck on the cheek
Photo: © ITV 


Her fellow presenter Dermot was rather more cautious about getting so close to the friendly dolphin
Photo: © ITV 

02 OCTOBER 2009

As X Factor hosts Holly Willougby and Dermot O'Leary have seen their fair share of talent.

But nothing comes close to the show put on by dolphins they met during a visit to Dubai this week.

Backflipping and nuzzling up to beg for kisses, their aquatic friends had the two presenters in a fantastic mood when they swam alongside them in the pool of a swanky hotel.

The popular pair are staying at the Atlantic hotel resort filming with Dannii Minogue as she picks acts to mentor through the live finals.

Aussie pop princess Dannii has had some stellar support in the form of her sister Kylie, who thrilled contestants when she was introduced to them at the holiday location.


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