Condition and shine: Keeping hair lovely on long haul

Falling asleep on long-haul flights can mean waking up with hair from hell. Bedhead hair's OK when you're at home with your shower and shampoo at hand, but not so great when there are no facilities to help you arrive at your destination looking in the holiday mood.

So take along a tub of hair gel and an empty spray bottle – you can buy them at Superdrug or Muji and fill them in the onboard loo. Remember you can't take liquids over 100ml in hand luggage through many airports. Use them on targeted areas to revive flat bits or ends that stick out, adding a dab of gel for extra control.

Tip your head upside down and rub gelled fingertips into the roots for a bit of lift. And if all else fails and you're going somewhere hot, use both to slick hair back completely. Topped with sunglasses, you'll look suitably jet set.

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