Get the look: The three secrets of shimmering skin

The Sugababes always have glowing, super-smooth complexions that radiate good health. The secret's down to light reflection and all you need to do to achieve it is to follow these three easy steps.

*Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells clogging the surface and absorbing light.

*Moisturise to plump out skin from just beneath the surface.

* Then go to town with highlighters or illuminators. This is the secret make-up artists use to make their celebs' skin glimmer in the spotlight: whether in cream, liquid or powder form, their tiny iridescent pigments act almost like mirrors, bouncing light off the surface with a rosy, bronzed or golden glow. Apply where the face catches the light – along cheekbones, on the corners of the brow, beneath the arch of the eyebrows and maybe a little along the jawline, as well as on the décolleté and shoulders for a big night out. Creams and liquids can also be used all over the face underneath – or mixed with – foundation to give skin extra radiance.

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