Victoria Beckham sees red

Spice Girl still likes it hot As David Beckham announces his wish to remain at AC Milan, there are rumours his wife Victoria may be about to secure herself a place on The X-Factor's judging panel, placing Brand Beckham back at the top of the European glitterati league.

And it's bound to be a perfectly on-trend return, with Victoria's finger so firmly on the fashion pulse.

When she appeared on the cover of Russian Vogue recently, Victoria's face was free of any obvious cosmetics. The one colour that stood out though, was the bright red she wore on her fingernails - which we've discovered is Nubar's Sexy Red.

Nubar is a range of quick-dry polishes free of many of the chemicals contained in other brands and is already favoured by stars from Alexa Chung to Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan.

And now it's getting major fashion points with the announcement that it's going to be decorating the nails of models at nine of the London Fashion Week shows.

New spring colours include Pharoah Purple, Pyramid Purple, Camelot Blossom, Caymen Coral, Palau Coral and Belize Coral.

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