Anti-ageing: Five fabulous wrinkle fighters

Want to know which key ingredients could help skin maintain a little of its youthfulness, just like Twiggy's?


* Antioxidants 

Popular examples include vitamins A, C, E and co-enzyme Q10. Help fight free radicals – chemicals formed in cells that contribute to ageing.


* AHAs 

Alpha hydroxy acids (citric, glycolic, lactic, tartaric) often from fruit, which act as exfoliators. Help skin look smoother, more radiant.


* Humectants

Attract moisture to the skin. A popular one is hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Others are glycerine and panthenol. They help combat the dryness that comes with ageing.


* Peptides 

Proteins that aim to stimulate skin's production of collagen. Good for minimising the appearance of wrinkles.


* Retinoids 

Derived from vitamin A. Increase collagen and rate of skin rejuvenation for younger-looking skin. Best prescribed by a dermatologist.

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