Cellulite: let's get serious

The better weather is coming, and more skin is on display.


A sedentary lifestyle, high boots, constricting clothes including tights and stockings, heavy eating... winter habits – and particularly in a season as bad as this last one was – are all too often the kind of habits that encourage cellulite. Summer will be upon us before we realise it, so it's time to take action now: here are eight basic rules to try to combat that orange-peel effect. 

  • Start off the day with a glass of water and a kiwi fruit half an hour before breakfast. It will help cleanse the body of toxins and facilitate digestion.
  • Cosmetic treatments don't actually provide a miracle solution but, if used consistently, they can be a good ally in the fight against orange-peel skin. Other than constancy, the number one rule for anti-cellulite creams is to follow the instructions carefully: every product is different, and correct application will enhance effectiveness.
  • A light lymphatic drainage massage each time you apply the cream relieves fluid retention and stimulates circulation, which helps mobilise and break up fat nodules.
  • Consider combining two types of cream: one for general application, and a more concentrated one for stubborn areas.
  • Slathering yourself with creams etc won't do any good if you fail to follow basic lifestyle rules such as keeping to a healthy diet and taking exercise.
End each shower with a blast of cold water on the legs, starting at the ankles and moving up towards the waist. This will reactivate and stimulate circulation.
Take advantage of the better weather to walk whenever you can. Walks lasting over half an hour and at a good pace are the best. 

  • Keep regular mealtimes: eat at the same time, and avoid snacks between meals.  Erratic eating habits disrupt the body's natural rhythms and cause insulin secretion which in turn promotes fat storage.

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