The princess shares a cuddle with little Maud Angelica. Martha Louise also found time to show off her thespian skills in an amateur play
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They may be parents twice over, but the romantic spark is obviously still going strong for Ari and Martha who were snapped laughing and embracing affectionately
Photo: Rex

27 JULY 2005

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Princess Martha Louise and her husband Ari Behn received a rapturous reception when they arrived for their latest public engagement, but it wasn't just members of the public who were excited to see the royal couple, because they seemed equally enthused just to be spending time with each other.

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The royal couple delighted onlookers with a warm hug before the cameras. And their displays of affection weren't limited to hugging one another, as the proud parents were also snapped cuddling their little girls Maud Angelica and Leah Isadora.

Martha Louise and her children went along to support her husband as he launched this year's Foling I Fjaera festival on the island of Hanko. Ari Behn organises the annual event with his director friend Harald Zwart, who was behind the Liv Tyler comedy One Night At McCool's.

Ari isn't the only member of the family with creative talents, though, as Martha also has a taste for drama. The princess demonstrated her thespian skills by taking to the stage in an amateur play as part of the festival.

Back home in Oslo, meanwhile, her father King Harald was revealing how proud he is of his family. The monarch, who has recently overcome bouts of cancer and heart disease, said his health problems have made him appreciate his loved ones more than ever. "In such situations you really feel how much family means," he said. "I never thought I'd turn into such a doting grandfather like other men can be, but I actually have."

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