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The crown princess is welcomed by Tom Colbjornsen, the president of the BI Norwegian School of Management. Mette-Marit never studied at university as a youngster - something she's remedied since marrying Prince Haakon
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Mette-Marit means business as she goes back to university

25 NOVEMBER 2008
Asked about her plans following her marriage into the Norwegian royal family in 2001, Princess Mette-Marit quipped: "I have enough to do going to princess school".

Once settled into her new role though and with her wild child days firmly behind her, the royal mum found time to build on her secondary school education. She began by attending lectures at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo.

And this week Prince Haakon's wife started a part-time three-year course at the BI Norwegian School of Management, the second largest business school in Europe.

"We see the (princess' enrolment) here as a vote of confidence from the Palace," says school president, Tom Colbjornsen.

The royal's masters degree follows a stint at the London University's School Of African and Oriental Studies in 2002/3, when she took classes in development, HIV/AIDS and refugees.

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