No complaints from cheery Camilla as she continues to battle on despite new injury In the last month, the Duchess of Cornwall has really been in the wars.

After a bad back forced her to change her plans while on an Eastern Europe tour with her husband, she was then incapacitated for her fifth wedding anniversary when a tumble while hill walking left her with a broken leg.

On top of that, she revealed this week that she has also strained a tendon in her right shoulder.

Not that her list of injuries has affected her high spirits. Prince Charles' wife was her usual chirpy self as she hosted a special reception – albeit from her NHS wheelchair – at Clarence House on Wednesday.

Making her first official appearance since news of her fall two weeks ago, the Duchess made light of her predicament, saying: "I've got no leg and an arm on one side, and no arm and a leg on the other."

The bubbly royal went on to reveal that she had received a letter asking after her health that had put her plight into perspective, since it was written by a double amputee soldier wishing her well.

Camilla made the journey down to London overnight on the royal train with Charles on Tuesday – the couple had been stuck in Scotland for nearly a week because of the volcanic ash cloud – to hold the event in support of the Ebony Horse Club.

Based in Brixton, the charity, of which Camilla is president, helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds learn to ride, and is hoping to raise money to build its own riding centre.

Due to her strong links to the equestrian world, Clare Balding was among the guests at the reception.

She spoke to Camilla at length, later joking: "I think she is a bit upset it’s not a more glamorous accident."

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