The mum-to-be, pictured at a film premiere in April, received hand-painted babygros at the shower
Photo: Getty Images

Friends and family join Minnie for a low-key baby shower

22 JUNE 2008
Her first baby is due in August and British actress Minnie Driver is making sure she is ready for the special event. The star who confirmed her pregnancy in March hosted a baby shower on Saturday for around 40 guests.

Held at a friend's home in Malibu, prettily decorated with pink and white flowers, the event was kept casual, just as The Riches actress wanted. Friends and family enjoyed basil lemonade and finger sandwiches as well as a special berry cake.

And bringing a more intimate aspect to the day, guests hand-painted babygros or "onesies" in the US for the little one as well as leaving personal messages for the mum-to-be in a special book.

Minnie, who "loves being pregnant more than anything", has resisted the temptation to discover whether she is having a boy or a girl. So far, she has said little about the father, except to reveal that he's also British and "sort of in the same business".

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