Terri captivates with her curls

Romantic look seems to work with Simon

hellomagazine.com Out for dinner at a Hollywood restaurant, Terri Seymour and Simon Cowell looked like the perfect couple, despite having separated several months ago.

But Terri still loves the romantic look, with girly curls cascading around her shoulders.

The best way to achieve this is with medium-barrelled tongs, starting from the ends up - starting at the roots makes it difficult to get the very ends under the arm of the tongs, leaving them looking straight and straggly - and twisting the tongs with each wind upwards to create the spirally kinks in hair.

It's easier and quicker to clamp the ends with the arm of the tongs and then wind hair around the barrel and the closed arm.

The only problem is, working this way leaves the vulnerable ends – the driest part of the hair – in contact with extreme heat far longer than when you work from the newest hair at the roots downwards.

So help protect the ends with a torn up piece of tissue.

Leave each section to cool before running through with fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

If your hair's thick, finish with serum, but on fine hair, it can loosen the curl so use hairspray for shine instead.

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