Plait’s the way to do it - fashion-forward hair Sam McKnight’s passing on those trade secrets again, letting us in on the techniques he used to create a trendsetting look at Jaeger’s spring/summer show during London Fashion Week.

While there are lots of plaits already around in hair at the moment, they’re mainly French-plait style designs, wound right into the style.

This look, which Sam says is inspired by 1970s American party girls who ‘spent the day at the beach and the night at the disco’, has hair slicked back so the plait stands out as the focus of the style.

But it has a slight twist, in that instead of hanging straight down, Sam’s pinned it into a loop to create a slightly more ‘sculptured’ shape.

To get that disco-ball super-shiny surface, which makes the look particularly 70s in style, lots of product is essential – conditioner mixed with mousse combed through as the hair is tied into a high pony-tail with serum smoothed over the flat surface afterwards.

Then hair is braided and secured about two inches before the ends.

The braid is twisted into a loop and secured with pins, leaving the ends free to create a paintbrush effect.

Lots of hairspray all over seals the shine.

As Pantene’s global ambassador, Sam recommends Repair & Protect Conditioner mixed with Smooth & Sleek Mousse, followed by Repair and Protect Serum and finishing with Smooth and Sleek Antistatic Hairspray, all from the Pantene Pro-V range.

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