Eyes and brows: How to apply eyeliner


Amy Winehouse seems to find it effortless, but for most of us getting eyeliner to go in a straight line is a perennial problem. And now apparently, boldly lined eyes are going to be a big look this autumn/winter, so get practising with our quick guide to going straight, with the help of make-up artist Aimee Adams.


* When it comes to texture, pencil liner is easier to use and correct, but liquid gives you a far more dramatic look and a precise line that doesn't – or shouldn't – smudge (although Aimee says applying the same colour eyeshadow on top of liner helps 'set' it). If you're using liquid, Aimee recommends buying a good-quality, super-thin make-up brush to replace your liner's integral brush, which often isn't thin enough to offer maximum flexibility – if its hairs are poor quality, too, they will stick out and ruin a perfect line.


* Rest your elbow on a hard surface to steady your hand and start from the inner corner of the lid, working slowly as you follow the lash line and keeping as close to the lashes as possible, making sure the colour seeps in between lashes to avoid a patchy look. Aimee recommends using a magnifying mirror.


* If you want a more retro look, want to create a flick or even correct a lid that slopes down, go back and add another line on top – graduating outwards from a third of the way along. If you're using liquid, try to do it while the original line's still wet – applying on top of dry liner can overload the formulation and cause cracking.


* Add a little line along the outer corner of the lower lashes so they don't look too bare and unbalanced against the upper lid – but don't extend it too far in unless you're going for a full-on Cleopatra look, says Aimee.

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