Is Sarah Palin's clever secret out?

Even politicians need a little help… Here at, we don't often focus on politicians and their make-up routines. But with a background that includes a former life as a beauty queen and calling herself 'the pitbull with lipstick', American vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has popped up on our radar – especially now her political enemies are claiming that that lip line might be permanently applied.

With five children and a vice presidential campaign to run, it makes sense to ensure you always look picture perfect in front of the world's press. And for any other women out there looking to save time by making sure their lips always look their best, we asked one of the UK's foremost experts in semi-permanent make-up to tell us what to expect.

Debra Robson-Lawrence treats several US celebrities – including Renee Zellweger, who used a visit to London to have a brow treatment. Her work involves applying pigment to the deeper layers of skin in much the same way as a tattoo – filling in brows so they look more defined, subtly lining lips so they look permanently made-up and adding a liner effect to ensure a wide-eyed look throughout the day.

Unlike tattooing, however, the results are subtler and fade over the years so you're not stuck with them forever. Since the advent of high-definition TV, many Manhattan and LA socialites are calling for Debra's steady hand to help them look made up without make-up. The sharper image of HDTV picks up pencilled-in brows, while semi-permanent make-up can replicate the feathered effect of natural eyebrow hair, for instance.

It can be used to correct off-balance lip lines, too. The Fame HD Volume Control technique helps lips appear larger and more defined, using subtly blended shades of pigment feathered into the lip line to avoid a noticeable border of colour – and even make lips look 'curvier'.

There's Fame HD Colour Control for eyes, too. Applying a brown eyeline over a blue one, for instance, helps eye colour stand out and the whites of eyes appear clearer.

And to make lashes look more lush, there's Fame HD Secret Liner, which sees pigment dotted around the roots of eyelashes to make them look thicker and eyes more defined.

Prices for semi-permanant lip liner start at £495, although Debra says most of her clients now opt for the Volume Control treatment, which starts at £895. Visit or call 0845 230 2021 for more details.

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