Golden Globes: red carpet round-up We’re blaming it on the recession. It was one of the glitziest nights in the Hollywood calendar, yet our A-listers played it cool, going for soft, barely there, neutral shades of make-up instead of the usual dramatic displays, with simple hairstyles, too.

But that’s great news for us because it means the trends are easy to recreate this awards season...

Dare to go bare - There was the odd slash of red across the lips, but most of the celebrities wore pared down neutrals on their lips and eyes, with textures kept sheer and under-played.

You need to contour with bronzer and blush on the cheeks to lend a little structure to the face with such pared down shades.

Nails are nude - Chloe Sevigny and Drew Barrymore looked to have – shock, horror! – left their nails almost natural with just a hint of a tint to go with their pale coloured frocks, while Sandra Bullock went for a taupe tone.

Ears are back - OK, just one ear... There was a definite flick of asymmetry at the awards, with plenty of side partings - Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Christina Hendrick - and deep fringes sliding seductively across to the side of the forehead - Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Heidi Klum.

Other stars, including Penelope Cruz, Helen Mirren and Christina Aguilera, had their hair dressed to fall free on one half of the face and tucked behind the ear on the other.

We’re claiming it as a British trend – Sugababe Amelle and Frankie from the Saturdays have practically worn this look out already!

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