Fragrant Kerry Katona is truly Outrageous

Agent Max Clifford reveals new fragrance name is appropriate

She's had her fair share of lurid headlines and her spokesperson and 'adopted father' Max Clifford made no attempt to pretend otherwise when he launched Kerry Katona's new fragrance, Outrageous.

Kerry attended with husband Mark Croft but didn't speak herself. Instead, she left the honours to Max, who said, "Many of you know, over the years I've adopted a daughter and one who's caused me more drama than any daughter I could have had myself!" referring to the former Atomic Kitten.

It was fitting, he said, that Kerry's new fragrance is called Outrageous. A fruity floral musk, it has the requisite 'phwoar' factor as demanded by the star.

Outrageous will be on sale from the end of August with a realistic price tag of around £15-20 as Kerry remembers being a fragrance fan growing up, but finding many scents to be a "rip-off".

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