12 JUNE 2008

A few weeks after holidaying together with their families in Costa Rica, Britney Spears and her close pal Mel Gibson have spent the evening together in what was described by the US media as a two-hour 'guidance session'.

The 52-year-old Australian actor - who, along with his wife Robin, is trying to help the troubled pop princess back to health - met up with Britney at Beverly Hills' Havana Club, a members-only establishment.

Arriving with her assistant and a bodyguard, 26-year-old Britney was described by onlookers as being "very quiet" and having "a serious look on her face".

At 9.30pm the Toxic singer left the club, which is a favourite with Hollywood names like Sylvester Stallone, while Mel stayed on until 11pm.

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The pop star spent two hours talking to the Australian film-maker at a members-only club in LA. Mel and his wife, who are former neighbours, invited Britney and her father to join them on a recent break to Costa RicaPhoto: © Getty Images
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The actor, who has battled demons of his own in the past, has reached out to the troubled singerPhoto: © Getty Images