Modest hero Jack, here with rocker dad Ozzy, did not think about acting when he saw a thief taking a woman's handbag and sprinted after the mugger
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Ozzy's son Jack jumps to the rescue to foil mugger attack

When a bag-snatcher in central London decided to try his hand, he hadn't planned on encountering quick-thinking Jack Osbourne.

Ozzy and Sharon's 22-year-old son was walking through the British capital when he spotted a thief taking a woman's handbag. The star of Adrenaline Junkie set off in hot pursuit, eventually tackling the mugger and wrestling him to the ground. He then held the bag-snatcher until police arrived to take over.

"It just felt like the natural thing to do," the modest hero told the News Of The World newspaper. "I’m glad it turned out okay."

Martial arts fan Jack - whose heroic deeds were confirmed by police - was in Marylebone when the drama took place. His brave actions won him plenty of admirers from those watching on.

"He was amazing," a source told the newspaper. "He ran after the mugger like a man possessed - a real hero."

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