Stunts and a 'sexy' new image: John Travolta reveals all as his new thriller debuts

John Travolta might be the closest thing Hollywood has to a real life action hero.

Having personally flown his plane to Haiti to deliver aid earlier this week, the actor returned to the red carpet on Thursday where he revealed that, for his latest role, he threw himself into the on set action.

"The most fun part was that what was expected of me, I delivered," said the 55-year-old, who was joined by wife Kelly Preston at the New York screening of From Paris With Love - also attended by fellow Swordfish actor, Hugh Jackman.

"Meaning that, you know, I'm not a young guy, and yet they demanded these tremendous stunts and action things, and I lived up to delivering them."

"So the majority of that is me. And I thought you know I've never done that before really, and I'm going to do it."

John's co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers didn't shy away from the film's physical demands either, after getting top tips from the industry's most stunt-savvy actor.

"I did a film a few years ago with Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible 3, and I talked to him about stunts because he's so good at it," revealed the Dubliner, out on a "date night" with girlfriend Reena Hammer at the premiere.

"And he said, try to do your own stunts, but do what's safe. I only do what's safe."

In the action-packed film, John stars as a loose-canon CIA agent called Charlie Wax who takes Jonathan's low-level operative character James under his wing when the pair team up to try and stop a terrorist attack.

For his role, the Pulp Fiction star drastically altered his image, shaving his head and growing a goatee.

It’s a look that went down well at home. Speaking of her husband's latest on-screen image, which he based on pictures in a military magazine, actress Kelly told ET online: "I love it. It's very sexy."

"He could do it anytime he wants as far as I am concerned."

From Paris With Love hits screens in the US on February 5, before arriving in the UK a month later.

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