Complexion perfection: The perfect finish – how to use concealer It may be more effective to work with two concealers – one thicker and more matte so it can cope with oily pimples and another lighter and more liquidy that doesn't cake and drag the delicate, thin skin under the eye area. On pimples, dot concealer on to the centre of the blemish with a brush, fanning outwards to cover surrounding redness. Under the eye, use a brush or the ring finger (which applies the lightest pressure) and dot concealer gently along dark circles before blending together, taking care not to drag – repetitive action on the thin skin could cause wrinkles. Use a brush to apply a little concealer around the lashes, too, where colour is particularly uneven. Set with powder, which also gives skin a 'finished' look and keeps all make-up in place for longer. Loose powder applied with a large brush gives a lighter finish, while pressed powder is great for absorbing oiliness during the day.

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