1 AUGUST 2008

Having been refused entry to last week's Cartier Polo International in Windsor Great Park, Katie Price - aka glamour model Jordan – has had a few words to say about the situation.

The keen horsewoman, who is currently honing her own polo skills and already competes successfully in dressage events, responded to her exclusion by writing a considered and eloquent piece in the The Times newspaper this week.

"Polo should be for people who love horses, not a media charade. It should be about the sport," says the 30-year-old, who stresses she didn't want to go to the event to be photographed with VIPs or meet royalty.

"Horses are a wonderful hobby, one that gets you outside and keeps you fit. They should be for everyone - little girls, glamour girls, working-class girls like me. No one should be excluded."

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The glamour model has written a piece in the The Times commenting on the decision to exclude her from the Cartier Polo International competition last weekend. "Polo should be for people who love horses, not a media charade," says the keen horsewoman, picturedPhoto: © RexClick on photo to enlarge