Tiger Lily joins her sisters as the Geldof family gather to say goodbye to 'Grandpa Bob'


Ever since the tragic passing of her own parents, Tiger Lily Geldof has been lovingly raised by musician Bob and her three big sisters.

But as she matures into a young lady, there is no mistaking the 14-year-old's lineage.

This week the young teen – rarely seen in public – joined the rest of the Geldof family for the funeral of Bob's father.

She is the spitting image of her biological dad, late INXS singer Michael Hutchence; her brown eyes and dark features undoubtedly inherited from the Australian musician – her mother was late British TV presenter Paula Yates.



Tiger Lily and her sisters, Fifi Trixibelle, 27, Peaches, 21 and 20-year-old Pixie all attended the Dublin service for 96-year-old Bob Geldof Snr, who passed away on Thursday.

Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate the life of the former restaurant owner, dubbed by his son an "extraordinary man".

The Boomtown Rats singer, who was also supported by his French partner Jeanne Marine, paid a 37-minute long tribute to his dad, telling the congregation that he had lived "a great, exceptional, ordinary life."



He also spoke about how the loss of his mother Eve, who died in 1958 when Bob was seven, had affected his father, likening the tragedy to "an atomic bomb going off in our family."

"Dad knew that death was a continuity of life. He was absolutely safe in the knowledge that he was going to meet the towering exuberant love of his life – my mum," he said of Bob Snr's final days.

Bob's four daughters sat in the front pew for the ceremony along with their aunts Cleo and Lynn. The star included a word of thanks to his sisters for nursing their father and acknowledged the guilt he felt for not spending more time with him before his passing.

Among the mourners at the funeral was Bono's wife Ali Hewson who was seen comforting the musician. At the back of the church lay a beautiful bunch of white lilies and roses with a card that read: "Road Warrior - til the end and beyond. Bono + Ali"

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