The nation's favourite redheads revealed

Oscar nominee Eddie Redmayne has been voted the nation's favourite redhead in a recent poll by The Theory of Everything star took the top spot with 24 per cent of the vote, with Prince Harry closely following in second place with 19 per cent. Singer Ed Sheeran took the third spot with his famously ginger locks with 15 per cent of voters choosing him as their favourite auburn-haired celebrity.

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"When [Eddie] modelled for Burberry I thought his hair looked great," said one of the poll's voters. "He's a worthy winner of the best redhead."

Karen Gillan, best known for her role as Amy Pond in Doctor Who, was the highest scoring woman in the poll, taking the fourth spot with 10 per cent of the vote. The Scottish beauty was closely followed by Florence and the Machine's Florence Welch, who took nine per cent of the vote.

"I love deep red hair colours on stars like Florence Welch and Karen Gillan," said one of the respondents. "It's a big part of their celebrity identity."

Supermodel Lily Cole made waves in the fashion industry when she first stepped out with her statement red locks, and her curly hair saw her also feature in the top ten celebrities.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter co-stars Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright took an equal amount of votes, although their on-screen elder redhead brothers Andrew Eric and Oliver Martyn John Phelps, who play Fred and George Weasley, did not feature in the poll.

Pop divas also featured on the list, with Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts and Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell both making it into the final top ten.

The full list:

1. Eddie Redmayne - 24 per cent
2. Prince Harry - 19 per cent
3. Ed Sheeran - 15 per cent
4. Karen Gillan - 10 per cent
5. Florence Welch - 9 per cent
6. Lily Cole - 7 per cent
7. Rupert Grint - 6 per cent
8. Bonnie Wright - 6 per cent
9. Nicola Roberts - 3 per cent
10. Geri Halliwell – 1 per cent