The best beauty launches for summer It's the start of July and we’ve had a long enough period of sunshine to be able safely to say it’s finally summer. So let’s have a look at the most useful inventions hitting the shelves to make it a more beautiful season for all of us, from brightening our teeth, and smoothing our nails to helping our make-up last through the heat.

Heat-proof your make-up

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, £17, is a moisture-resistant formulation that helps make-up stay in place throughout the day or night – like hairspray for the face. Dermatologist- and allergy-tested, it can apparently be used on sensitive skin and it’s oil- and paraben-free. From selected Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser,, and

Smooth your nails

Nails thrive in summer, growing faster than any other time of year thanks to the sunlight. And you can make the most of the length with Bourjois’ False Nail Effect Nail Enamel, £5.49, with a texture that coats the nail to mask imperfections that spoil the smooth surface and ultra-brilliant intense colour so the nail appears perfect. And there are two side openings on the brush so it spreads generously over the nail to sculpt the ideal shape, the extra covering accentuating the false nail effect. An adhering resin also gives it eight days’ hold. And the colours are truly beautiful. From

Brighten teeth in an instant

Clinique’s Lip Collection For A Brighter Smile, £14.50 each, contain subtle blue tones to contrast with teeth, making them appear at least a shade brighter, Clinique claims. And there’s a choice of textures, from long-lasting lipstick to a glossy finish.

Sun-shield sensitive skin

Sensitive skin often won’t tolerate SPF creams – especially the higher the protection factor. Kalme Undercoat, £17, however, is the first product to stop skin reactions, by providing a protective layer between skin and sunscreen. It contains a tetrapeptide called skinasensyl, which is claimed to increase the skin’s tolerance to inflammation and reduce sensations of pain and discomfort. From or 0844 700 9975.

Hydrate and protect

Shiseido’s Urban Environment UV Protection Creams, £28 for SPF30 and £30 for SPF50, are feather light lotions that combine the high performance you’d expect from a moisturiser and an SPF cream by increasing hydration in the skin while offering protection against the sun’s rays in one formulation, so you can wear it under your make-up.

Get a mirror in your mobile

And finally, just so you can make sure you’re still looking hot in the heat, if you have a Nokia mobile, you can download for free a new application from Rimmel London that turns your phone into a mirror. Go to (Available for a selection of Nokia models.)

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