Magical new development in nail polish that's perfect for Halloween

It's not often we turn child-like with excitement at a new beauty product that lands on our desks, but the new Barry M polish had us playing like toddlers at dressing up.

Instant Nail Effects Nail Paint looks like an ordinary black polish. But when you apply it over the top of any other nail varnish, it starts to visibly shrink on your nail so you get a crackle-glaze effect.

On top of white polish, you can create a zebra-print style pattern; on top of yellow, you get leopard print – perfectly on-trend for autumn/winter.

Play around on top of darker colours and you can create a cool Gothic effect that’s perfect for Halloween. And it's only £3.95 from Superdrug - the most fun we’ve had for less than a fiver in ages.

OPI is bringing out a polish with the same effect in January so we could be going mad with our manicures for months.

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