Marks & Spencer has the solution for chafing thighs in the heatwave - hallelujah! 

Thank you thank you thank you… 

Leanne Bayley

Summer is glorious, it really is. But it doesn't come without its problems. We present: chafing thighs. Granted, not the sexiest of subjects but it affects us all during the hot summer months. If this is something that gets you down, you might be excited to learn that Marks & Spencer has come to the rescue with a pair of culottes to wear underneath your summer midi dresses or maxi dresses. At £18, they're a bit of a bargain too. 

Featuring M&S's swish Cool Comfort technology, you can now enjoy a streamlined silhouette in cool comfort from morning to evening. Amazing, right? 


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These could well be the gift that keeps on giving. They also come in black as well. Currently, they're available in all sizes, except for size 10. 

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The item has already received rave reviews with M&S customers, with one saying: "I have had a pair of these for a while now and always take them with me when I travel, they are great under dresses, skirts, wide trousers, or simply on their own - especially in hot weather, when they have saved my life."

She continued: "The material is light and silky soft and keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. I love them so much that I gifted a pair both to my mum and my aunt. The only drawback I can think of is that they are slightly too long on me to wear with some of my shorter dresses, would like a pair that was on or just above the knee." 


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Other chafing solutions can include sprays or creams. The Smoovall Skin Contact Spray, £12.99, protects your skin from chafing for a minimum of four hours per application. Tea Tree Oil, £11, is also said to help. 

Megababe sells a Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick with Aloe, Pomegranate & Grapeseed Oil, £26, which you glide on the thigh area for cool comfort. They also stock Bust Dust, £16, which is like a dry shampoo for under your boobs to combat any sweatiness in that area. Here's to a dry summer, folks! You're welcome.

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