Here's why now is the perfect time to look after your skin

In partnership with Dr Michael Prager Skincare

Arianna Chatzidakis

Being stuck at home while self-isolating does have a silver lining: you might find that you have a little more time on your hands than usual to spend on yourself – and your skincare routine. We can often fall into a habit of neglecting our skin, especially when we’re busy or tired, so in those sacred moments when we can indulge in a little more ‘me time’, we can create the perfect routine that will benefit us both physically and mentally. Discover why now is the perfect time to start looking after your skin, below.

1. Skincare is a great starting point for self-care  

The benefits of a daily skincare routine extend further than just improving your skin’s appearance – it can also improve your mental health. Acting as a meditative time in your daily routine where you can pause, indulge in a relaxing facial massage and focus on yourself can be both soothing and relaxing.

2. Skincare prevents long-term damage

Trust us, your future self will thank you for taking the time to look after your skin now. Bad skincare habits will one day catch up with you, so it’s a wise decision to invest in a skincare regime – even if it’s a simple one. Cleansing and moisturising form the basis of all skincare routines, and we recommend looking for products made with high-quality ingredients such as the Urban Protect range from Dr Michael Prager when creating your skincare routine. Designed to protect against anti-ageing and pollution, these products are also packed with powerful properties that will help transform and refresh your skin. Plus, they’re free from microplastic and animal testing – double win. Use the code HEL30 at the Dr Michael Prager checkout between 6th May and 3rd June 2020 to get 30% off their skincare products.

3. Your skin should be your biggest investment

Did you know that skin is the human body’s largest organ? It has many important roles to play in the maintenance of life and health, as well as our appearance. As our skin has so many different functions, it’s important that we look after it through exercise, nutrition and what products we use on it.

4. When you look good, you feel good

How is your skin making you feel? Some people may argue that skin problems can leave them feeling self-conscious, while healthy-looking skin boosts their confidence. When your skin is glowing, plump and looking its best, you often feel your best, too. So set the stage for looking and feeling good with a luxurious morning and evening skincare routine.

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