At last! Stretchmark solution finally hits the British market It’s probably the last beauty problem left to be solved by cosmetic surgery and yet affects millions of women (and men) particularly after pregnancy, breastfeeding, general fluctuations in weight or even growth spurts during puberty.

Yes, we’re talking stretchmarks, the jagged red and silvery tears in the skin’s surface that can make so many of us feel self-conscious in our birthday suits.

But it is now being claimed that a laser treatment newly arrived in the UK can finally help solve the problem.

The Harley Medical Group has introduced to its clinics the Lux1540 fractional laser which it says can dramatically reduce the appearance of stretchmarks after just a handful of treatments.

It works by delivering a ray of microbeams which create columns of heat within the skin, kickstarting a natural healing process that stimulates new, healthy tissue.

The treatment has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and can also be used to treat surgical scars, acne scars and dark skin patches. On average, four treatments are recommended, at £350 a time, with three-to-four weeks healing time between each (a course is currently £1200).

Available exclusively through nurse practitioners at the Harley Medical Group, visit for further information.

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