The Welsh star, who turned 39 last month, has undergone a radical transformation in her latest incarnation as the face of Elizabeth Arden
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In the new ad campaign, which was apparently her own idea, Catherine bears an uncanny likeness to Victoria Beckham during her long blonde hair days
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Catherine presents a Posh new face in latest ad campaign

7 OCTOBER 2008
The flowing locks and pout seem strangely familiar. Not on Catherine Zeta-Jones, though. Indeed, the Welsh beauty bears an uncanny resemblance to Victoria Beckham in the new shots for her latest Elizabeth Arden campaign.

Completely revamping her look was apparently the Chicago star's idea, as she's been representing the fashion house since 2002.

"After doing this for six years I think that it's good. It's different, it's not like 'Oh, there's Catherine Zeta-Jones again," said the beautiful brunette.

In the new double image the Swansea-born actress' familiar golden skin tone has been lightened, clever shading makes her eyes appear enormous, and the slightly tilted pose of her head further emphasises the likeness with a certain US-based footballer's wife.

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