Stop what you're doing – brunch emojis have landed

After a long period of having to do without brunch emojis, we can FINALLY communicate all things avocado, croissants and prosecco with the new iOS update!


The new emojis are about to up your Sunday texting game 

The 10.2 update includes a slew of new food emojis – and even redesigns of old favourites, including a brand new peach.

The beloved doughnut has more sprinkles, the cucumber is sliced up and the sushi now has salmon and tuna.


The avocado emoji has been a long time coming...

Alongside the brunch emojis, we can now choose from kiwi, baguette, peanuts, salad, honey, orange and paella.

But perhaps our favourite has to be a pregnancy emoji to illustrate the 'food baby' feeling after a big meal!