Yes, the Jo Malone advent calendar sold out but don't worry, it's coming back in time for Christmas!

Oh my…

Leanne Bayley

The Jo Malone advent calendar was - as predict - a runaway success and sold out pretty much instantly. Don't act like you're surprised! While we cry into our Kleenex over missing out on ordering one, we're very excited to find out that it's coming back. Yes, a source very close to HELLO! has revealed that the 2018 Jo Malone Beauty Advent Calendar is being restocked "VERY soon," so make of that what you will. To get you really excited about Christmas, here's a look at the STUNNING advent calendar. Honestly, just look at it…


All the heart eye emojis for this one

Priced at £300, this isn't your average beauty advent calendar - this is the ultimate luxurious purchase. The collectable is coined 'Bring on the Baubles' and is packed with everything a Jo Malone lover will coo over. In addition to cult classics, there will also be a mini Frosted Cherry and Clove Candle, which is a new addition to the Jo Malone Christmas collection. With 24 gifts in total (plus an extra little surprise in the 24th door - ooh!), you won't be disappointed. If you are, you need to have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, OK?

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The outside of the advent calendar is equally as stunning - and it's a festive illustration of the Jo Malone London Townhouse and comes with a shiny gold bow.


Swooning until Christmas with this one! 

It originally went on sale exclusively at Harrods from 1 October 2018 and then it was sold in all Jo Malone boutiques nationwide and on a month later on the 1 November.  

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Of course, there are plenty of beauty advent calendars to get excited about this year (genuine question: How many is too many?), and there's even a wine advent calendar that fans are going crazy for. We all know the best ones sell out within days of release, so it's time to really think about which one you'd love, and make it your mission to find.