Charlotte Simone: Meet the girl behind the 'popsicle'

Any fashionista worth their salt will have heard of Charlotte Simone, an accessories brand with an impressive list of celebrity fans.

Best known for their 'popsicles', fun fur scarves in a rainbow of colours, the label's designs are regularly worn by Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Rita Ora, just to name a few.

Charlotte Beecham, 25, founded the label, having been inspired during a year's stay to Paris. As she teams up with Rita Ora's stylist Kyle De'volle and launches the bon-bon bag, HELLO! Fashion chats exclusively to the designer...



How did the brand come about?

Charlotte Simone is all about a fun, fluffy statement accessory. I felt there was a gap in the market for scarves that could be seen as more than an item of practicality. Charlotte Simone is for the lady of all ages — fluff for any occasion I say!

What has been your biggest 'pinch-me' moment so far?

Daisy Lowe in a bathtub of Bon-Bons hugging my fluffy little bags and looking as gorgeous as anything [for our latest campaign]. I ate a lot of pink bon-bons that day, I was very over excited.



Who has been your favourite celebrity to wear your designs so far?

I've been lucky enough to have the support of so many trendsetters. I think one of my favourite moments to date was seeing Olivia Palermo in a custom-coloured popsicle. I had hand sewn and handpicked the colour ways I thought would be best suited to her style so when she wore it I gave myself a real pat on the back.

Which celebrity would you like to see wearing one of your designs?

I have a real girl crush on Lena Dunham, I love her quirky sense of style and would love to see her in Charlotte Simone.



How did the collaboration with Kyle come about?

Kyle came across my designs and got in touch through a mutual friend. He is now not only a business partner but a real friend. The 'Bon-Bon' bag marks my first move into other fluffy accessories. I knew I wanted to add a new accessory into the mix but Kyle's drive and enthusiasm gave me a real push.

Was it fun to create a collection together?

So fun! After the success of our last collaboration I was itching to work with Kyle once again. His passion for texture and colour is infectious and forces me to think outside my comfort zone. His outlandish style fused with my more neutral colour palette makes for a fun fusion of the minds.



Why did you choose Daisy Lowe to model the collection?

The Bon-Bon is available in a variety of candy coated shades, we wanted them to look as edible as they sound. The fluffy little bag is both fun, flirty and looks totally yummy. We felt that Daisy's infectious grin and gorgeous curves was perfect for the face of the campaign.