Seal steals a kiss from Heidi as she takes charge of her daughter Leni's pram
Photo: Rex
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The pregnant supermodel does her share of distracting, too, planting a kiss on her new husband's lips as he chats on his mobile
Photo: Rex

13 JULY 2005

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Nothing comes between Seal and his new wife Heidi Klum it seems - not his mobile phone, nor her role as stroller pusher.

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The romantic duo, who tied the knot in May and are expecting their first child together in September, were snapped enjoying a family day out in Manhattan with Leni, Heidi's daughter by Formula One boss Flavio Briatore. But with the catwalk star's mum Ema on hand to help take charge of her granddaughter, the couple also managed to steal several moments for themselves.

He may have had a phone pressed firmly to his ear, but Seal's attention was obviously on his beautiful young wife as the pair clasped hands and shared a kiss. Later, as Heidi went to resume her pram-pushing duties, it was his turn to distract her, tenderly cradling the model's tummy in his hand as their lips once again locked.