All garments, including this ruby-hued gown, were created from eco-friendly materials
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Designers participating in the New York show included British talent Stella McCartney
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Stella joins 'green' fashion set in presenting eco-glamour in NYC

With environmental issues making headlines in all areas of our lives, it was only a matter of time before their impact was felt in the fashion world. This week some of the biggest names in business, including Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, threw their weight behind a very special catwalk show, one focusing on an eco-friendly approach.

On Thursday night, just ahead of New York Fashion Week, star fashionistas added their creations to a show featuring organic cotton, wool and bamboo. Renewable, reusable and non-polluting were the collection's buzz words, along with recycled fibres and biopolymers.

Ranging from elegant couture pieces to casual street wear, the designs followed a white and beige palette highlighted by the odd vibrant hues created using natural dyes. Among them were jewel-like gowns that could easily take their place on the red carpet at the Oscar ceremony later this month.