With her nordic blonde tresses hidden under a Twenties-style wig for a Chanel photoshoot, the German supermodel was almost unrecognisable
Photo: Rex
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Onlookers could have been forgiven for mistaking Claudia for Tom Cruise's raven-haired wife Katie Holmes, who has recently made the stylish bob and sultry eyeliner-look her own
Photo: Rex

Claudia recreates Katie's style on Karl Lagerfeld shoot

21 MARCH 2008
As fashion maestro Karl Largerfeld strolled down the street with an elfin-featured, raven-haired beauty in New York, onlookers could have been forgiven for thinking the designer was being tapped for advice by style-conscious Katie Holmes.

The fashion icon's companion, whose stylish bob and sultry eye-liner gave her a striking resemblance to the Mad Money actress, was not Tom Cruise's wife, however, but German supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

With her nordic blonde locks hidden under a Twenties-style brunette wig for the Chanel photoshoot in Harlem, even Claudia's most ardent fans would have had trouble recognising her.

The mother of two has reduced her modelling work in recent years, but occasionally steps back in front of the camera for special jobs, like this week's assignment with her German designer pal.