Wheels to Work – changing your perceptions of motorcyclists


Most of us probably have preconceptions when it comes to motorcyclists. Either we think it’s too dangerous for us or our kids to get involved in or we find them an annoyance at traffic lights and on the roads.

It’s too easy to get exasperated whilst stuck in traffic and someone on the back of a bike slides in between the cars; but next time this gets you down think of the help that bike could be bringing to that person. It’s time to change your perceptions of motorcyclists, with Swinton Motorbike Insurance giving you a heads up on something keen bikers are getting excited about. And you never know, you might do too.


Wheels to Work – changing your perceptions of motorcyclists

Living is expensive

Running a car is extremely expensive at the moment. While most of us complain about the cost of filling up, for some this is pricing them out of running a car completely, or forcing them to go into debt just to do so. If getting to a job or education necessitates owning a car for those living in remote areas where public transport is poor, debt can be incurred purely to get on with their lives. This is where a motorbike comes in.
Yes, the cost for some bikes is rising but it’s still significantly lower than running a car. Wheels to Work is in place to provide assistance with transport for those who need it the most.

Wheels to Work

It’s a scheme provided through the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) and offers transport in the form of small engine bikes, scooters and mopeds to those who can’t get to employment, education or training due to a lack of public transport.

How does it work?

Those enrolled on the scheme are put through their CBT and provided with a bike as loan which costs around £25 per week. They’re also given helmets and gloves as well as other protection clothing. Participants will also be taught about road safety and running costs.

What are the other benefits?

But how does this benefit you, you might be asking? Well if you’ve already got a car, selfishly this probably doesn’t affect you. Yes it’s a nice scheme and it helps people who need it, but this is a selfish time we’re living in. You might view motorbikes as an annoyance, but the very thing that annoys you is the real benefit of bikes. The more bikes, the less congestion in the first place. Yes this scheme provides assistance for those who need it as a necessity, but it’s also in place to encourage more people to hit the road on the back of two wheels. The more that do, the fewer cars on the road; which of course benefits you.

So, less hating and more loving those on bikes. Don’t get annoyed when one slides past you at the traffic lights; remember the good.