The perfect coat for SS13

Find the perfect coat for the summer season...

As the weather warms up, finding the perfect coat can be difficult; it’s time to find a coat to suit your summer style. Here in the UK, even when the sun starts to shine, the weather can still be unpredictable! If you leave the house on a glorious summer morning, there is still a good chance that clouds or rain may appear later in the day. On days like this, you need a jacket that can be worn even when the sun is shining.

The perfect coat ofor SS13

Perfect women's coats for days like these include:
• A light leather jacket, preferably in a nude or pastel colour. You may wear your leather jacket in the winter over layers of winter woolies, but it can work just as well in the summer months. Layer a leather jacket over a floaty, floral dress to toughen up a typically girly outfit. Or throw over a vest and shorts combo. The jacket will cover you up if the weather turns and add that extra something to plain outfits.
• A light trench coat. Channel your inner Alexa Chung and wear a trench coat with a shirt, leggings and brogues. The beauty of the trench coat is that it can be worn open for a casual look, but if the weather changes, the trench coat can be tied loosely around the waist by the belt to keep you covered up.
• Kimonos. Kimonos are the perfect solution for staying cool, while keeping covered. The enlarged single cut armholes and loose fit add fluidity to an outfit. Kimonos come in several shapes and sizes and can be short, long, with or without a belt. Kimonos can also be plain or patterned. Add a plain kimono to a patterned outfit, add a patterned kimono to jazz up a plain outfit or create a contrasting look by clashing prints and colours.
• White coats. White coats can obviously come in all shapes and styles but all look great for summer. White evokes memories of bright, sunny days and will really brighten up any outfit. White looks great against pastel colours – just be careful of spilling those summer ice creams!
• Denim jackets. Denim jackets are extremely versatile. They can be worn layered over winter jumpers but look equally good layered over summer dresses. Cropped denim jacket styles look great layered over a vest top and mini skirt, especially when bright and vibrant jewellery is added to complete the look. The contrast of materials really adds to the outfit and the jewellery makes you look stylish without looking like you’ve tried too hard. Your denim jacket will keep you warm enough to bare those legs – add sandals and look like you’ve just got back from Coachella!