On 31st December at Sandals, Montego Bay, Jamaica Captain Ben Collishaw married Aniela Komorowska.

A totally tropical New Year's wedding for Ben and Aniela


On 31 December, 2009, at Sandals, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Captain Ben Collishaw married Aniela Komorowska.

The couple met when Aniela moved in next door to Ben while he was studying at Aston University.

Ben said he was smitten after Aniela said she had 20 'fingers', as there is no separate word in Polish for toes!

Right before the wedding, Ben had returned from a gruelling tour in Afghanistan and the nuptials were planned to celebrate their reunion.

They were joined by close family and friends and, after the couple's first dance, the hotel hosting them held a spectacular New Year's Eve party.

"It was really amusing, everyone kept coming up to us to thank us for laying on such a fabulous 'reception'," said Ben.

The couple received many gifts, including a plaque from Ben's mother.

One of their more unusual wedding presents was a 'wife leader', an object attached to the finger and used by 18th-century plantation owners in the Caribbean.

However, Aniela soon discovered an alternative use for the device as a 'husband leader'!

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